Maintenance instructions

CGSP also provide sophisticated technical support for customer. CGSP has been involved with HMI(Human Machine Interface),IPC(Industrial PC) ,so we have well experience and knowledge for repair .


  • HMI
  • Touch Monitor
  • IPC
  • Controller
Brief of machine repair service

For Machine equipment

  • No boot on、no operate、 Inactive
  • Error action 、I/O troubleshooting
  • Computer upgrade or improvement


For Storage Unit

  • Firmware、BIOS、ROM .. copy and crack service
  • RAM /HDD/CF/RAID/DOC repair service
  • Data backup , recovery ..
  • Other unpredictable failure detection or repair and assist to set adjustment

Industrial PC / Mainboard / Control panel

  • VME/MVME Board、IC chip test and replace
  • No Boot 、soaking water, I/O or Comm. Fail, PSU failure etc. trouble shooting
  • NEC 9801/9821 series ,YASKAWA P120/P150.MS-DOS,PC-DOS,WIN31..etc old PC repair and upgrade service

Display /Industrial Monitor

  • No action, no display, communication fail, etc
  • LCD broken, no backlight, Inverter ,converter board repair
  • Poor touch, no touch replacement and repair
  • PLASMA,CSTN,STN.. etc. A variety of old display devices improved and maintenance
Complete tools & platform

TEL,TSK Probe test platform
TEL MARK series NEC PC test platform
DISCO DF series PC test platform
OKAMOTO GNX PC test platform
GUNZE,JAE,Topre…etc special monitor test platform
Plasma monitor test platform

HMI test platform
MLSEC driver test platform
Panasonic driver test platform
VME Board test platform
ETX,ITX embedded system test platform
IPC motherboard debugger & test platform

Full and complete tools in our repair lab

● FONTON BGA rework station
● Baking dry chamber
● Tektronix high frequency OSC
● 500MHZ Logic Analyzer
● HAKKO ESD soldering station
● Hi-Lo 100A all function writer & all adapter tools
● Universal FLASH/OTP Chip writer and adapter tools

● CHROMA programmable tester
● LCD/LED Backlight detector
● IPC Motherboard all type tester
● All types of M/B control and test connector fixture
● Various precision LCR digital meters
● Various universal and special HMI programming adapter

Ours Instrument and materials