About us

CGSP Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2005. The head office is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with a capital of NTD$10,000,000. Our company specializes in repairing/improving/renovating/improving various domestic and foreign brands of IPC,HMI, touch monitors. , controllers, circuit boards…etc. And also cooperate with the sales of various semiconductor equipment and equipment components at home and abroad. At present, whether it is electronics, semiconductor, biotechnology, optoelectronics or transmission industry…etc. all have a good cooperative relationship.
With CGSP strong service team, integrated repair line and components inventory system, we are confidence to provide you an upgrade repair service & key parts under fair price.

Business status:
1. Equipment component repair service
Our company set up a maintenance service center in Hsinchu to accept major brands of machine equipment computers, industrial computer boards, industrial touch monitors, power supply, driver, robot, various circuit boards, controllers, axis cards, and expansion card,etc. Used to make repair and upgrade projects . Our company has a good performance that can be provided as a reference, with the company’s strong maintenance team and a complete maintenance line and parts inventory system to provide customers with the same level of maintenance services as the original factory but relatively low fees.
2. Different types of semiconductor machine and accessory equipment parts for sales
Our company has long-term good cooperative relations with major domestic and foreign semiconductor equipment manufacturers. In addition to our own inventory of machines and equipment, we can also search for various machine equipment components on behalf of customers and cooperate with sales. Through our company’s own electronic professional technology testing capabilities can be used to reduce the unknown purchase risk of customers.
3. TFT-LCD trading business
Our company has long been engaged in the sales and export trade of major brands of industrial LCD modules. Brands include AUO, SHARP, SAMSUNG, LGD, etc. We provide all kinds of high-quality, brand-new, and reasonably priced original LCD modules. Certainly, our company does not only selling but also provide complete quality control and product verification technology to ensure. Every LCD module product we sell that all can meet customers need.
Service guidance concept:
Our company’s service team know that grasping market opportunities is the artery of success. At present, we are opening up new network service channels. Through the convenience of one network, the convenience of domestic and international sea, air, and land transportation, customers all over the world who need our services can get help at the first time.

Professional maintenance services

of all brands industrial computer equipment

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Our customer

We have long been engaged in the maintenance and improvement of electronics, semiconductors, and electronic control equipment. At present, domestic and foreign customers including Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, whether in the technology industry, biotechnology industry or transfer production… have a good and continuous cooperation relationship!!

TSMC, UMC, VIS, AUO, Innolux, UTAC, Greatek, Sigurd, ASE, Spil, Episil, Auo Crystal, URE, OPTOTECH, GPM, Adimmune, China Bay, Yibang Pharmaceutical, Yongguang Group, Taiwan British Tobacco, Hecheng, Yongfengyu, Domestic Industries, Central Mint, Hanxiang Industrial… etc.