CGSP Technology Co., Ltd

CGSP Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2005. The head office is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with a capital of NTD$ 10,000,000. Our company specializes in repairing/improving/renovating/improving various domestic and foreign brands of IPC,HMI, touch monitors. , controllers, circuit boards…etc. And also cooperate with the sales of various semiconductor equipment and equipment components at home and abroad. At present, whether it is electronics, semiconductor, biotechnology, optoelectronics or transmission industry…etc. all have a good cooperative relationship.

With CGSP strong service team, integrated repair line and components inventory system, we are confidence to provide you an upgrade repair service & key parts under fair price.


Professional maintenance services

of all brands industrial computer equipment

Touch Monitor
Industrial Computer

1. Secure delivery service:
We provide a fast and safe delivery service to reduce the time and additional freight costs caused by customers due to waiting

2.Free charge for inspection services:
We provides free inspection services for repair products to reduce the pressure of customers to send for repairs

3. Extended warranty:
We provide a 90days basic warranty term and we can also customize to extension term to 360days just pay additional fee

4. Emergency repair parts service:
We provides emergency repairs service for the production demand in factory side. To shorten the loss caused by product shutdown

5. Maintenance and Inspection report provide:
We provides final maintenance reports to customer.The Inspection report customers also can request before repairs

6. Maintenance tracking management:
We uses a dedicated barcode management system for repaired products to record the repaired products of our company and provide different warranty label management according to different customer attributes.

Professional maintenance